But the damage is gradual and hardly perceptible… If he were thrown into boiling water, he’d jump right out, quickly aware of the deadly danger. But instead, as the temperature keeps rising, he is comfortably adapted to each new and changing degree until slowly he loses all consciousness, and before he even knows what’s happening, it’s too late, he’s Frog Stew!
There is a mysterious force at work in society called leveling.
What is considered “acceptable” in society today would have been shocking just a few generations ago. Modern man is becoming a product of media consumption, deceived into thinking that he is living a full life. Every bit of ones own passion and potential has been cleverly drained from childhood through schemes & devices from TV & video games to political talk shows & complex documentaries.
Alone with a phone, one is left worthless as far as accomplishing anything true & real. A leveled person makes good frog stew, never making waves as passions are re-channeled into empty pursuits… Active in fantasy but passive in reality, the masses are eventually leveled out…
Have you ever felt like it doesn’t really matter what you think?
Come to a place where you can talk about how you feel. Join our RAP SESSION discussion and let us know what you think about: Compulsory Education, Violence in Schools, Globalization, Marriage, Cloning, Gun Control, Communism, Free Enterprise, Creationism, Evolution, Multi-Culturalism, Sustainable Community Living, and what awaits future generations.
The FROG STEW Open Forum (We prefer to call it a “Rap SESSION”) is put together by a community of Friends who have come to appreciate the freedom to openly discuss ideas and opinions often marginalized or utterly ignored by the main stream.
It is the intent of the “Frog Stew” meetup to create dialogue, outspokeness, and from-the-heart social interaction. We get together in order to socially and often spiritually investigate popular opinion and alleged truth(s) in order to arrive at something solid and lasting to ponder and hopefully live by…

We live in an oppressive and polarized age where unfortunately most are unwittingly being funneled down the broad road to destruction, being entertained and stimulated for good or for bad by a synthesized bickering back and forth between two mutually erroneous worldviews.