What does “multiculturalism” mean?
To most people, it’s that all cultures are given equal weight, that no one culture is superior to the other, and that all cultures should be equally respected. And that sounds really good, but the fine print reads, “Man isn’t built that way, and he can’t live up to it. It is totally normal for someone to consider his own culture and the way of life of his people to be better than others.”
Consider the rich young Yuppie in his multicultural neighborhood, sitting in his living room ready to enjoy an evening of classical music. Tonight it’s Beethoven. From one side of his house comes the throbbing bass of his neighbor’s stereo as they gather out back for some reggae. The house shudders to every note, while on the other side of his house the neighbors fire up their barbecue and boom box, laughing raucously over the grating syncopation of something called rap. Fleeing from the violent lyrics, our Yuppie hero, himself a multicultural enthusiast, shuts the windows, grits his idealistic teeth and dons his headphones, trying to convince himself that all music is good.
Let’s face it. It is just not reasonable to expect people to live contentedly alongside of others who are culturally and racially different. This is unnatural, and sometimes forces people to go against what they instinctively know in their conscience. They are told, “You can’t discriminate.”
Even though you may view discrimination as an evil sin, isn’t it within a person’s rights to segregate himself if he wants to? Why is it that integration must be forced upon people, under penalty of law? Isn’t it because it goes against the natural grain of humanity, and that people left alone will generally not choose to cross cultures? Yes, it is obviously so, and it makes the advocates of multiculturalism mad because the truth is undeniable. Yet it is totally normal for you to consider your culture as the most desirable, because it is yours. Today we find ourselves manipulated by forces beyond our control, compelling us to accept what is unacceptable to us. We can find ourselves enraged over such manipulations, and not even know why.
What happens to a person if he or she chooses to reject the ideal of “cultural diversity?” In order for multiculturalism to stand unchallenged, this ideal must be constantly kneaded into the loaf of society. You are told that if some other way of life is low and base, you still must have respect for it. Who are you to judge? Everyone is dignified; every culture has equal value no matter how it subjugates, humiliates, oppresses, and destroys. Yes, it sounds so noble that all cultures should live together in harmony, in mutual toleration, in mutual respect. But in reality, to swallow it you have to cast away common sense, and eventually conscience itself. You have to, by law.
The reason that there is so much momentum behind this engineering of man’s societies is that a one-world government looms on the horizon. Like it or not, it is an inescapable fact that has been prophesied in the Bible for thousands of years. It is coming. When this one-world government gains power no real liberty will exist for an individual to remain faithful to the voice of his conscience. Freedom of choice will be removed. Global government cannot allow the nations to have their own independence or sovereignty. A worldwide Gestapo system will take its place, a planetary police state. It will of course be more “humanitarian,” not dressed in uniform. The Gestapo are plainclothesmen.
In order to enforce this tyranny, people must be coerced to abandon the God-given boundaries of race, culture, and morality. Man must be taught to ignore his instinctive desire to live with those of like mind, to congregate in neighborhoods with those of the same race and ethnic origin. He must be taught to swallow his natural loathing of perverse and immoral people, and he is learning his lesson well.
Any nation or culture with high moral values will be strong and independent, and this is contrary to the coming one-world government. With no moral conviction to make a culture outstanding, the job is done. This has been the highly successful role Hollywood and the public schools have played in destroying the moral integrity of Americans. A whole generation is trapped in the cage of political correctness.
There is an old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Yet multiculturalism is birds of different feathers caged together and forbidden to squawk. It’s an artificial scheme, a “world vision” crammed down the throats of a humanity that would rather live in its own neighborhoods if it could.