There is a mysterious force at work in society — it is called LEVELING.

What is accepted in society today would have been deeply shocking just a few generations ago. Modern man is a product of years of media consumption, deceived into thinking that he himself is living a full life. Increasingly year by year, one’s own passion and potential are cleverly drained from childhood, through schemes & devices ranging from television & video games to political talk shows & complex documentaries. Alone with a smartphone, one is left worthless as far as accomplishing anything real & concrete.

A leveled person makes good frog stew and never makes waves as he dwells in lukewarm pots where his passions are re-channeled into empty pursuits. He is active in mental fantasy but passive in reality. This type of mind-set results in a society in which the masses are eventually leveled out. But while society is being masterfully herded towards a frightening reality of a brave new world, an ancient tribal movement has begun to be restored. Now must come a wake-up call to those drifting along to the modern propaganda siren song of a corrupt, destructive, & increasingly twisted world.